by Shrivel Up

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released July 19, 2019

Recorded by Ryan and Dylan at Teds House
Mixed by Ryan and Dylan
Mastered by Pete Grossman at Bricktop Studios


all rights reserved



Shrivel Up Illinois

Dylan: Drums
Tony: Vocals
Ryan: Guitar/Vocals

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Track Name: Loose Thread In The Head
I am made of wires.
Loose ends won’t connect.
Track Name: Scenes Are For Movies, Not For Music

Passion runs dry.
Resort to alienation.
Your time is over.
Insist you’re truer than the rest.


Sincerity at an all time low.
Jaded to keep yourself secure.
Relevancy has expired.
As if that’s not what ruined it all.
Track Name: Stimulant Euphoria
My body is not a temple.
It’s a testing ground for the brain.
As my vessel begins to lapse, the mind can still stretch many ways.
Track Name: Leave No Old Heads Standing
Tony & Ryan:

Out of touch, old fuck
Bitter, jaded
Gripping things have changed
In denial that it’s the same sound with just new blood
Out of touch, old fuck.
Track Name: A Tapped Mind
Bugged from the inside
Feeding Information
To the enemy within
Track Name: A Bond Broken Beyond Repair
You go by many different names.
Abuser, cheater, deceiver, liar.
I call you father, I call you father.
Track Name: The Cycle Of Life Begins And Ends With A Dollar Sign
The calls pour in before the tears are dry.
The body’s still warm.
We work hard to secure our loved ones after we’re gone.
Yet I can’t help but be horrified.
At the end of our existence we are still defined by dollars.
Track Name: Shepard Of Deceit
You’d gladly nail yourself to that cross
As long as you hung above us all like any false messiah.

Pushing the Church’s crusade of hate.
Your words of conviction only signal division and war.
Track Name: Manic Panic

My brain’s under attack
Anxiety creeping up every inch of my skin
Every nerve inside of me
Explodes into complete paranoia

The mind’s defense system fails and goes into shock.
Mania begins to consume me

Stomach in knots, nausea ensues


Stress lurks in my head
Tensions build until I fall apart

Stomach in knots, nausea ensues
Track Name: Apathy Will Be The End Of Us All
Your complacency has warped you.
To the point where you condemn those who have opinions.
Cringe as others display empathy.
You wish they’d stay silent.
So you wouldn’t have to think.

Compassion drains you.
Track Name: Complications Of Comfortability
Neither of us recognize each other when the words are said and done.
We insist on this charade, we can’t stand to be alone.
Fear of Solitude only pushes others away.

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